EViD - Product Overview

Decision Support is the leading provider of Electronic Pollbook solutions.  Our suite of EViDTM applications address each aspect of electronic pollbook configuration, initialization, operation and post-election processing.

EViDTM Workstation – EViDTM Workstation is the flagship product of the EViDTM product line. In use since 2004, EViDTM Workstation is deployed in polling places for Early Voting, as well as on Election Day, and is the point of check-in for voters.

EViDTM Link - EViDTM Link enables import and formatting of voter registration, street, polling place and ballot style data from voter registration systems for use by the EViDTM Workstation.  During EViDTM election post-processing, EViDTM Link also enables voter history, address and name changes to be exported back to the voter registration system.

EViDTM Control – EViDTM Control provides a common database and management tool for data imported by EViDTM Link.  EViDTM Control enables election administrators to edit the EViDTM Workstation runtime configurations, generate the information to be distributed to each EViDTM Workstation and initialize each USB activator for distribution to polling places.  At the conclusion of the election, EViDTM Control processes each USB activator returned from the polling place and consolidates all voter check-in activity for the election.  EViDTM Control also provides summary and detailed reports of election check-in activity. 

EViDTM WEB Central – EViDTM WEB Central enables synchronization and distribution of voter check-ins and registration updates between polling places and the election jurisdiction.  When configured to exchange updates with the EViDTM WEB Central service, EViDTM Workstations deployed at early voting sites or election-day polling places maintain synchronization across the election jurisdiction.  EViDTM WEB Central enables election administrators to monitor current voter check-in activity at each polling place, report the status of each EViDTM Workstation, broadcast messages and distribute voter registration or absentee status updates to EViDTM Workstations.

EVARS – EVARS (EViD Voter Activity Review System) is the post-election review system for review and reporting of voter check-in activity.  EVARS is designed to the specific needs of voter registration staff to access, review and report voter check-in and registration updates executed at the polling place and consolidated by EViDTM Control.


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