EViD Electronic Pollbook

Electronic Voter Identification (EViD)

Since 2000, when irregularities in the voting process became international headlines, technology has been deployed to assist election officials across the United States to better administer elections. At first, the solutions were based purely on electronic tabulation. Now the shift has moved to the administrative and voter check-in processes.

Decision Support has developed the EViD electronic pollbook solution to manage the administrative and voter check-in processes at the polling place(s). In 2004, EViD was used to manage its first election and subsequently has been used in multiple states across the country for every type of election – early, primary, run-off, special, general and municipal – for a variety of jurisdictions.

After conducting hundreds of elections, EViD has proven that it successfully streamlines the election process, speeding up the check-in process, making post-election processing far quicker (getting you to canvass that much sooner) and creating an audit trail that ensures integrity of data, process and procedure. EViD ensures that every voter in every voting place is treated identically.