Ad-Hoc Reporting and Data Integration

Ad-Hoc Reporting & Data

Decision Support, a leader in Business Intelligence software and services for 26 years, has heard a consistent message from its customers: they want ad-hoc reporting and data integration solutions to be available to everyone in the organization. That means having tools that are

  • Simple to deploy,
  • Intuitive for non-IT employees to learn and use,
  • Comprehensive, integrating data from multiple sources, and
  • Built to provide simple but effective reporting that is consistent, timely, and relevant.

To realize the benefits of a Business Intelligence strategy, an organization must recognize that reporting solutions need to be pervasive; the software solutions offered by Decision Support were built with this objective in mind.  Our solutions are both simple to deploy and to use, providing enterprise-wide access to corporate data, wherever it may reside, without the expense, training requirements, complexity, or ongoing IT involvement of other large-scale reporting packages.